Music as A Universal Language

Why we like to sing a love song, when we are fall in love?
Padahal kita gak tahu arti lagu tsb, misalnya itu lagu berbahasa inggris, atau bahkan lagu instrumental sekalipun?

Sama halnya bila kita mendengarkan lagu yg hingar bingar, penuh hentakan semacam lagu2-nya van halen, adrenalin kita serasa mengalir deras...

It means there is an interaction in between frequency of music and our feeling, as a respond to the sound of music. To the soul of the music. Therefore we can say that music is a universal language, is not it?

Hear the music, get feel inside, get the spirit of it. and enjoy ...

I love music, in term to make you happy and enjoy your life !!


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