Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Java Tutorial Getting Started

Baru saja menyelesaikan Getting Started, meliputi:
  1. Your First Cup of Java

  2. The Java Phenomenon

  3. The “Hello World” Application

  4. The “Hello World” Applet

  5. Common Problem (and Their Solution)
Yang dipelajari: Java 2SE version 1.4.2
Result: Good job. There is no error found!

As for my first note

As for my first note

This is the best thing I can do, as currently I am studying about java programming. And hopefully, I can got it.

It’s enough for my first note. May next time I can extend my capability.

“Pray for me my friends”


Welcome to Maspoer's Blog. It's my firstblog in my whole life time...

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